Panasonic G80/85 - how do you set up exposure compensation for easy access?

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Re: Panasonic G80/85 - how do you set up exposure compensation for easy access?

21tones wrote:

If I set it up this way, say on the rear dial, could I also use the rear dial for controlling shutter speed without having to go in to the menu? I'm thinking that pushing in the rear dial, when it is set up for EC, might give direct access to the shutter speed after a quick push on the same dial.

I would also like to have quick access to the shutter speed for those times when it is necessary to use manual settings e.g. when using a 10 stop filter.

Thanks again

I cannot check this because I don't have the camera with me. But since it has two dials (front and rear - they are not clickable, they just rotate AFAIK) it should be possible to set one of them to be used to change the exposure parameter (for P, A and S modes) and the other one for exposure compensation and also flash compensation (after additional Fn1 button click). I am not sure about how this works in M mode though where both dials are needed if you want to change aperture and exposure time simultaneously. My guess is that Fn1 button (the one that is by default used to enable exposure compensation and flash compensation on front and rear dials) can be configured to switch between the aperture and exposure time control on one of the two dials and between exposure compensation and flash compensation on the other dial. But I never tried this, I am not even sure how (and if) exposure compensation works on G80/85 in M mode (I know, shame on me after 6 months of ownership, but I rarely switch to M mode and never use exp.comp. in that mode). I think some cameras don't offer exposure compensation in M mode.

Controls on G80/85 are highly customizable, you should be able to configure them to your liking.

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