Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: IT WORKED!!! WinXP+serial port


This is great that more than one person has used this program successfully. I think that gives me enough confidence to try it on my 2100. Going to start making the cable now. I currently get 3 hot pixel at 1/2 sec, 2.8f and my 1 year Oly warranty is up. I only have the CompUSA extended warranty and I think they'd rather re-emburse the cost than send it to Olympus for repairs. But this would allow me not to have to worry about getting it sent in at all. It'd Be nice to get rid of those 3 hot pixels.

A question for you:

When doing your serial cable, did you short pin 4 to pin 6 and 7 to 8 as the diagram suggest?




Turned out that the serial cable I was using was from a Fuji
camera, I had assumed the pinouts were the same as Oly, but thanks
to your pinout info I found it was not. I didn't have an Oly serial
cable, but did have 2 Fuji cables, so I cut one and rewired
according to your pinout.... Program works perfectly.

Dead pixel test at 16 sec iso 100 was 10 hot pixels before
remapping, Zero after remapping.

Read Pixel count was 16 before remapping, zero after remapping.

Remap found 206 defective pixels that were remapped.

Looking at 16 sec dark frame shot in photoshop without adjustments
shows the one easily seen majenta pixel now gone.

This is not a big deal now as my camera really wasn't too bad
anyway, but I know that dead and hot pixels accumulate over time,
and my extended warrantee runs out in about 6 months... Now I know
I can easily remap bad pixels a year from now if I need too.



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