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I've had a 1DX 1 for several years was planning on skipping the Mk2 because of the silly mixed media cards, but I had one of my cameras go down and needed a replacement, so to my chagrin, I've ended up with the Mk2. I've spent a couple of events dialing in the AF system, which is proving to be very finicky in its setup, unlike the original which was pretty much on task out of the box. My last event seemed to be better, but will still take some time. I'm in pretty hairy lighting conditions with fast sports (hockey), so it really pushes the camera's systems.

I'd love to play with a D5 and compare the AF systems. I'm particularly intrigued by the AF fine tune - that seems like a game changer and makes me wonder why Canon doesn't emulate it, especially given the dual-pixel contrast AF they have. Give a good software guy a couple weeks, a bag of chips and a ton of Mountain Dew, and get it done!

I'd also like to have a battery like the D5, rather than changing during an event - it's just one more thing to remember when shooting, especially since I regularly do 2500-3000 pictures at an event - that means two battery changes.

All that said, I'm very pleased with the overall color & tone of the images and they seem to do whatever I want in post - but nothing really different than the original. Overall if it weren't for a damaged camera, I would have not chosen to upgrade because I love the original and still have one, but I'm not going to chase money after an old body.

I also want to play with the video, and am interested in seeing quality differences between it and my Phantom 4 video.

Based on previous history, I'm guessing it will be 2019 before we see a Mk3. Released right before the Olympics and public release the spring/summer of 2020.

Interesting. Your post is yet another confirmation that I should opt for a well-preserved pre-owned 1D X, rather than buy a 1D X II, if I decide that I can justify buying a 1D-series body. The 1DX II does have flicker detection capability, which I have found very useful, but I would probably use a 1D X almost exclusively for birds and wildlife, which are not normally found where flickering light sources are an issue. (I have 7D II and 5Ds R cameras, for shooting in flickering lighting.)

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