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I would steer clear of the D800. I had the D300 and then upgraded to the D800.

I had the D300 for several years. Loved it! The post-processing was a joy. Then I got the D800 and I was giddy happy about it. but the post-processing was terrible. Banding occurred quickly, colors were off, and I sold that thing much more quickly than I anticipated.

Conversely, the D700 is a dream to post-process. Especially for portraits.

I'm sure other people's opinions will differ. But to me the D800 was rushed. That sensor tech wasn't ready, and the results were funky and strange. The dynamic range was on paper quite good, but in practice I could get the old D300 to do better.

I wouldn't use a D800 if someone gave it to me.

Hi. Why is easy to post process portraits with d700?

The D700 was like the Fuji S2 and Fuji S3 in that it's JPEG images were very useable with outstanding skin tones which made those cameras a Wedding Photographer's dream machine. I know people who refuse to upgrade because of this. It's like Charlton Heston's "cold dead hands" statement.

That is why I bought the D700. Less work in post after doing weddings...just like my Fuji gear and my old D2X. Great skin tones. I found the D800 less pleasing and more work in post...same as the D810 and D850.

Do you use still the D700 for weddings? I have both the D700 that recently i bought along with the Fuji s5. making photoshoot with both cameras was enjoy. The only downside of fuji is the bad screen, i cant view the picture in day light, and also the high iso performance that is usable until 800. So if the d700 skin tones much with the Fuji S5 do i have to sell the Fuji? because i already have a more compact system in m43 series

I retired from the industry a few years back...although I still do a few a year from referrals.  I use my Fuji equipment now mainly for digital...a bit of D2X as well...and a Nikon F5 with film.  I sold the D700 as I didnt really need it any longer.  I would say the S5 has better color than the D700...but the D700 is still better than the D750, D800, D810 or D850 when it comes to great skin tone and subtle color.  And for weddings, a rarely found much benefit to anything over the 12mp or 16mp.  I've done family portrait sessions with my Fuji X-Pro1 and Nikon D2X at 20x30 that the families where entirely satisfied.  36 or 45mp is so overkill for that..especially considering the added work to get the color just right.

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