What Digital SLR Era Did You Join Pentax In?

Started Dec 22, 2017 | Polls thread
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What Digital SLR Era Did You Join Pentax In?

This like other polls may lead to nothing however I think that there were era's in the past 14 years where Pentax did well to attract new customers with their products and other era's where they didn't. So Excluding lens launches, P&S cameras, the Q and the K-01 and therefore sticking with just DSLRs at what era did you join the Pentax DSLR world. I've also decided to leave out the Pentax 645 line-up.

Sorry in advance to those who adopt late, but your purchase doesn't really go to an era if the era is over when you've bought.

I joined with the K10D in early 2007, had i waited some 6 months or so I may well have started my DSLR ownership era with a Nikon D300 but that wasn't even rumored when I decided on the K10D and the rest is history.

The original *ist era (As in all *ist cameras) from 2003 to 2006
37.3% 122  votes
The new hope era (K10D, K100D, K110D) from 2006/07
29.4% 96  votes
The 6-10mp entry level era (K100D Super, K200D, K-m, K2000) 2007-2009
5.8% 19  votes
The Samsung sensor era Part 1 (K20D) 2008/09
4.0% 13  votes
The Samsung sensor era Part 2 A New Body (K-7) 2009/10
1.8% 6  votes
The 12mp miracle era (K-x, K-r) 2009 to 2011
5.5% 18  votes
The amazing K-5 era (K-5, K-5II, K-5IIs) 2010 to 2013
8.0% 26  votes
The 16mp entry level camera era (K-30, K50, K500) 2012 to 2014
4.9% 16  votes
The K-3 era (K-3, K-3 II) 2013 to 2016
0.9% 3  votes
The K-S1 and 2 era (K-S1, K-S2) 2014 to 2016
0.6% 2  votes
The current era (K-1, K-70, K-P) 2016/17
1.8% 6  votes
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Nikon D300 Pentax K-01 Pentax K10D
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