Gitzo Quality Control?

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Re: Gitzo Quality Control?

Cliff Fujii wrote:

Bobby2Shots wrote:

Cliff Fujii wrote:

Bobby2Shots wrote:

Yeah, I like the concept of the AS P0, and a few others with the panning clamp,,, that said, I also REALLY like the GH-1382QD that came with my 2-series Traveller, and I doubt I'll use the Traveller for pano's anyway. I'd most likely use one of my Systematics, and I have the Gitzo levelling base, which fits all three of them.

Yeah, I got one with my Series 1 Traveler. It's the first Gitzo brand head that I really liked.

Cliff, is your Gitzo head the GH-1382TQD? (no friction-control knob). If so, how are you dealing with that? Does the head go from fully locked, to fully unlocked,,,or,, can you get a bit of friction prior to full lock?

I have the Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD which came with the GH1382TQD head. When I first got the tripod kit, the head was a bit stiff but after some use, it seems to have loosen up. One thing though, I never thought it was locked or unlocked. I was always able to dial in some friction. If you are having some issues with a sticky ball, I would write Manfrotto and see if they can help. When my tripod was new, I used to over loosen the head and then dialed in some friction.

No "sticky balls" for me, The balls are smooth as silk on both my GH-1382QD and the GH-3382QD. The lock mechanism on the smaller head was a bit stiff when I first opened the box, but once I worked the knobs and moved the ball around a bit, it was fine.

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