1 GB Microdrive Problem after Format

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Re: 1 GB Microdrive Problem after Format

I just ordered one also. I plan to switch it back and forth with my Pocket PC, a Casio E125. Would there be any problems with formatting/reformmating when I going between the two I should be aware of in this instance?

Alfred Richter wrote:

Chris wrote:

Hello Alfred,

Glad to see you got it working. I was wondering now that you have the
1GB Hard Drive working. How many pictures do you get in 2048x1536 and
1024x768? I was looking into getting the 1GB for my Casio and using my
340MB for backup or my other Camera.


Hello Chris,

the Counter indicates 740 pictures in 2048x1536 fine mode.
In 1024x768 it "only" shows 999 due to the limited range of the

This is nearly the same ratio (2/3 of capacity) I have noticed
using my 48 MB CF-Card (32 Pictures best mode).


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