Floor to Ceiling Glass + First Snow + X-T20/18-55 = Stunning "Interior" Shot

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Re: Floor to Ceiling Glass + First Snow + X-T20/18-55 = Stunning "Interior" Shot

DJF65 wrote:

.....and feed the birds. Nice shot, OOC or RAW developed in ?

Cheers Dan

I welcome comment and criticism, but I did expect it to be focused on the image rather than housekeeping. Although this was a grab shot, I recognize a teachable moment when I see one. I'll take it as a compliment that this keen-eyed group thinks the image deserved better staging and adopt a new workflow:

  • See photographic moment
  • Dust
  • Check camera battery
  • Vacuum
  • Confirm camera settings
  • Compose
  • Check for empty, overfull, or "neglected" items in frame and remediate
  • Recompose
  • Press shutter

Thankfully no one noticed the clump of dirt under the couch! Also, this is all in jest.

To your question, Dan, the photo was developed from RAW with Silkypix but made a trip through my phone (and editing with Snapseed) before arriving here. As someone who built my editing and processing workflow around Lightroom for many years I am one of the folks left wanting by Adobe's treatment of Fuji RAW files. My solution so far has been just to use JPEGs most of the time and manage them in LR with the occasional trip to Silkypix when needed.

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