(Another) AF Issue thread... X-T20

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(Another) AF Issue thread... X-T20

So I have had my X-T20 since early this year when they first became available in the UK and I am still struggling to really 'love' it.

One of the major problems for me is the poor AF and I am not sure whether this is a general Mirrorless thing or just a Fuji thing.

I mostly used my Canon 60D with the centre point, I would stick it in Ai-Servo mode and could get really good photos of my fast moving toddler. Providing the focus point was on the subject, nearly every shot would come out sharp. Also if I left the camera in Ai Servo mode, taking photos of non moving subjects would still be fine.

With the X-T20, I tend to again use single point AF on the smallest or second smallest setting.

In AF-S with a stationary subject this is fine and I am happy with the images. Still not sure the 24MP Fuji APSC sensor delivers much more detail than my old 18MP 60D sensor but that's another story.

But if I use AF-C mode then probably 90% of my images are out of focus. This is even if the subject is barely moving or even still. I have also found that if I take a perfectly still shot, but have left it in AF-C mode then it will probably end up out of focus?!

I've included some samples that I have just taken using AF-C, Single point with second smallest square, focussed on the eye or face, with a GODOX 350 flash, I've tried differen AF-C Custom settings but these were taking using mode 1 - "standard setting for multipurpose". Baby was in a swinging cradle chair so she is just moving away from the camera and then back towards the camera. Nothing challenging about this shot and I'd expect the focus to be perfect everytime on a relatively slowly moving subject.

As you can see the focus is no way near the face. Out of the 21 shots I would say about 4 of them are in focus, probably just due to 'luck'

This is a relatively slow moving subject moving in a predictable manner. Trying to get clean shots of my 3 year old crazy boy running around like a lunatic is nearly impossible.

A Few things to Note:

I have it setup as Focus release for both AF-S and AF-C priority. However it does seem to take a shot even if the box has changed back from green to white.

The square on the 'Zone' focussing mode is too large and the camera will try to focus on something I don't want it to, like a hand or should or something instead of an eye so I tend to avoid the 'zone' and 'wide' options.

I have tried it with the 18-55 f2.8-4 and the 35mm F2. I don't want to invest any more into this system as I may move away to something that can take these basic shots.

Also another shot. Nothing technical here but this was just a quick snap in lowish light. The focus point was directly on my sons eye, but it looks like the camera has focussed on my partners hand. I can't remember if this was in AF-S or AF-C

This is an expensive camera - What am I doing wrong?!! Or is mirrorless technology still just that far behind a 6year old DSLR?

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