Gitzo Quality Control?

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Re: Gitzo Quality Control?

Cliff Fujii wrote:

Why not use a ball head with a pan table above the ball (like an AS P0). That will allow you to level the tripod without fiddling with the legs.

While I didn't care for the P0 as much as I had hoped, I agree that the panning table should be above the ball. I've always thought it was non-sensical to use a levelling base with a "normal" ballhead.

I am toying with the idea of using a levelling base + panning clamp, and skip the ballhead altogether. For stitching panos, I think it would be perfect. For all other shooting, I just don't know if the 15deg of movement afforded by the RRS levelling base is enough.

Back to the original topic: I wonder if the OP received a better copy of his tripod?

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