Stick with the 100-400 or rent out the 200mm 2.8

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Re: Stick with the 100-400 or rent out the 200mm 2.8

I like to thank everyone for their feedback. Sorry I haven't comeback earlier but I been busy.

The reason why I asked this question because there are people out there who dig these telephoto primes for wildlife photography. It just so happen Panasonic release another great product before my trip, where before it's the G80, now it's the G9 and the 200mm 2.8. So I need to ask should I rent the 200mm 2.8.

The annoying thing is I bought the GH5 as an investment because at work I was getting stressed out from my new superior who was poo at his job. Originally I was holding off for the GX8 successor or the alternative Panasonic might release. Then I thought F it and get the GH5 after seeing the new Canon 6D and the Nikon D850 getting release. Not knowing Panasonic was releasing a camera aimed at me and others who like the GH series but want it more tweaked for still photographers. There's a great video I saw and I will do a separate thread about the G9 vs the GH5. If I could trade in my GH5 for the G9 then I probably would if the financial penalty wasn't as bad.

I'm going to Kruger Park and it just so happen there's a video on youtube of someone testing the G9 in Kruger Park. He used a series of lenses and one of them was the 200mm 2.8. Some of the shots of the big cats by the road were great however the larger animals such as rhinos or even bigger elephants etc. He was able to compose the shot the best he could but like the rhino it missing the top third of the horn. So it not practical taking the 200mm 2.8 to Kruger in South Africa's Summer especially when you have either the 100-400mm or the alternative zooms.

Once again thank for you all for your help.

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