The D7500 is too good at night

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The light meter is trying to "normalize" your picture.

kivis wrote:

When I shoot photos at night my D7500 makes the exposures look like its daytime. How to get it to be more realistic to the night? Lot's of PP?

The light meter is trying to (what I call) "normalize" your picture.

It is assuming that you are taking a picture during the day and want your picture to look like it was taken during the day.

If you want your pictures to look like they were taken at night (in other words, darker), you need to tell the camera that.

If in an auto mode where you can use exposure compensation, dial in negative exposure compensation until you get the look you want.

Other times you might want to nudge the camera with exposure compensation is when shooting either snow or beach / water. The extra reflective nature of snow, beach or water means that the camera might want to underexpose your shot. In order to make that white snow or white sand look white, you would need to either dial in positive exposure compensation, or . . . use the snow / beach scene mode. (Basically the scene mode is giving the camera the knowledge of what its shooting, so it can guess the exposure appropriately.)

Another time you might want to use negative exposure is if you are taking a picture in a black room with lots of black objects. LOL. The camera is going to try to make that a lighter grey.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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