Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

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Re: One poor sample

Roy Bell wrote:

For starters, I was in the bleachers and holding the camera pretty high so I didn't get the guys head in front of me in the entire frame since he decided to sit up once the routine started. Second, my goal was to get the kid flipping. As previously stated, I was panning the shot, so NATURALLY the rest of the girls would be a little blurry because the camera was not static.

Here is a shot of them all jumping so they are all moving. Aperature defaulted to 1.7 on this shot. As a result, shutter was bumped up to 250. There is a little motion blur, but the picture overall is a bit sharper than the one of her flipping.

It is also a 25 mm cropped. I wasn't expecting a whole lot. You can't stand on the floor during routine so I was a little limited in position. I have other pictures that came out pretty good, but I don't need to post a whole pile of pictures of other peoples kids on a public forum without their conscent. My main focus with this post was getting a good motion shot. The 42.5 1.7 came in yesterday. That should bring her in a little closer to and help the situation.


I thought both shots were excellent for the situation.  Sure we would like to have them a bit better, but I have been shooting pics of my kids in terribly lit gyms for 10 years +, and I would feel might proud to have caught one of my kids in action like you did with the first shot.  
I can't tell you how many times I find the perfect spot to shoot from, and someone stands up, or the refs decide that's the best place to see the action (because it is) or worse someone tells you to move.
With regards to the last picture I would have tried to capture it against the least cluttered wall (I know... no such thing exists in school gyms ) but the more pictures we take the better we get.  But the exposure and focus are whats important in these situations and composition takes a seat waaaaaaay in the back.

Lastly do report back on the 42.5.  I have the 15, 20, 12-32, 35-100f4 and the only lenses I feel I need to help me capture the shot are the 42.5 f1.7 and the 100-300 (and to be honest with the excellent in camera cropping even the 100-300 may not be needed).  Thanks for sharing!

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