Why won't DP Review review photo editors?

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Re: Why won't DP Review review photo editors?

Robert Holloway wrote:

Greg Edwards wrote:


reviewing cameras = objective

reviewing software = subjective

I'm sorry Greg, I fundamentally disagree. There are objective and subjective assessments on both sides. Despite not wanting to, unfortunately I increasingly believe, having read these replies that the main reason is that it won't drive $$ to Amazon. Phil Askey would be disappointed. Rob

That's absolutely fine to disagree, no need to apologise.
In my reply to my own comment above I stated that was generalising. Of course, there are objective and subjective elements to reviews of both hardware and software. But the point I was trying to succinctly make is that IMO hardware has more quantifiable comparables than software. Indeed, DP Review even has a studio scene for you to directly compare SOOC output for colour, sharpness, noise etc for each camera reviewed. They are also able to compare them without investing huge amounts of time to learn them.
Comparing software editors isn't so simple. Sure you could compare rendering speed for example, but 'working' speed of the programme is more do with how well you know your way around it.
Also, what do you use as a baseline? With camera reviews, you can use the studio comparison tool to see how it stacks up against similarly specced and priced cameras. How do you do this with software? If you were to compare the raw developing capability of each package, which one is technically correct or "best"? If Lightroom processes shadows or vibrancy different to ON1 and the end result is similar but noticeably different, is one better than the other or just different.
Perhaps the only way to compare is to process a batch of images with similar settings to achieve a certain 'look', put them in a comparison view and let the reader decide which they like the best.
It could be as simple as the availability of demo versions.  Most editors have a demo/trial version to download and try out yourself.  Trying our camera's is little more difficult.
You may be right about Amazon driving sales, they have links to the amazon product pages on reviews, but I don't see that as a reason why they ignore reviewing other items, it's just good business sense. They'd hardly recommend a rival retailer!

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