Inkjet printer and sparse/occasional use?

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Inkjet printer and sparse/occasional use?


I've had some older Canon printers, e.g. MP980, and had problems with large amounts of ink being wasted on deep cleaning. The problem stems from the fact that I do ink prints rather sparsely, perhaps a few times a year. (But when I do them, I really want the quality that inkjets can provide as opposed to lasers).

So, when I finally switch on the printer after a long period, it ALWAYS performs a deep cleaning. In effect, I suffer a deep cleaning once per "print project". I estimate that with the MP980 I had at least one ink tank run out every other print. Not acceptable, of course. I do understand that deep cleaning might be necessary after such a long time, and why, but...

My question is: How do you recommand I handle an inkjet printer and its ink tanks in this usage scenario?

I'm primarily interested in buying a Canon PIXMA PRO-10S or something similar.

Some ideas that I come up with, please expand/add/comment:

  1. Do a dummy print once a week just to keep the printer in good condition and the nozzles clog free. Will this avoid deep cleaning? How do I keep up that habit? Ugh...
  2. Switch off automatic deep cleaning. When switching on after a few months, do a nozzle check print. Perform manual deep cleaning if necessary. How likely is it that a deep cleaning can be skipped, i.e. will it actually save me from deep cleaning or will it be necessary anyway? Which printers do allow me to switch off automatic deep cleaning?
  3. Remove ink tanks between uses and store them in a sealed air tight container. Will this even help? I assume it's the print nozzles that dry up/clog, and not the ink tanks...

Does anyone know how much ink (how many ml) a deep cleaning actually consumes?
As an aside: anyone know if ther are any new models coming up from Canon? The PIXMA PRO-10S is a few years old, isn't it?

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