A problem with using zoom while recording video on M43 cameras

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Re: There is more than one problem: focus shifts while zooming

Markr041 wrote:

No m43 lens is parfocal, or even semi-parfocal. When you zoom, the camera loses focus and then re-focuses. It is ugly.

As far as I am concerned, all Lumix zoom lenses are useless for zooming while shooting video.

I have an extensive collection of Lumix zoom lenses and m43 camera bodies; I shoot video exclusively. I also have used other makers' camera. Some Sony zoom lenses are indeed parfocal or near-parfocal.

When I use m43 cameras for video (which I do a lot), I simply do not zoom while shooting. That is a very important limitation for video, though. Especially action, sports.

It's strange that this zoom problem does not get reported in camera reviews on the internet. I feel a full review should not only be done on the cameras performance for shooting photos but also for the video performance as it's also important.

If you zoomed in on the object, focused the camera, then fixed the focus so it won't change such as switching to Manual focus then is this still a problem?

I'm not certain how you can record live sports action without zooming as you need a few closeups on the players.


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