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Re: Keep the cameras with HR mode in mind...

Birdingbilly wrote:

OK - thanks everyone - so what I take from this is that Live Time is best only used for calculating the correct exposure time - a second exposure is then best taken without Live Time in order to minimise noise (that's a little dissapointing) - and that if an HR image is required an exposure time of up to 60 seconds can be used (all be it that a total exposure time of circa 10 minutes would result !) - all of this applies specifically to the 1ii other Oly cameras have lesser max exposure times with electronic shutter and therefore HR images. HR images are generally no good with movement save for moving clouds and water which do make interesting HR images.

Sounds right to me, but on 'Live Time', I would just offer:

1) 'Live Time', if used for taking one 'proof' exposure to achieve a second 'perfect' exposure, might be seen as quite a valuable feature, as the first exposure might be a substitute for multiple 'guess' exposures, thus saving time?

2) Certain events, such as lightning, fireworks, or other hard to calculate transient exposure factors, might be quite impossible to account for 'in exposure' without this feature, so in these cases, it might well be well worth the penalty of some additional noise!



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