Best m43 camera for long exposures

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Re: Best m43 camera for long exposures

Birdingbilly wrote:

I am new to m43 photography having made the decision that my Canon diet is just not working and I badly need to loose weight. I am particularly keen on long exposure photography (say >8 second exposures). I am particularly interested in the live bulb feature of the Olympus cameras and would like to hear from users which of the Olympus cameras that offer this facility will yield the lowest noise images with long exposures ?

On the Olympus side, E-M1 Mark ii has the best low-light performance. E-M5 Mark ii also has good long exposures. I believe the original E-M1 was relatively noisy.

Olympus cameras have the "Live Time" feature. What that does is display the actual exposure and histogram during long exposures. That may be more important than a little bit of noise.

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