Using Lightroom between computers with external drive

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Re: Using Lightroom between computers with external drive

Bogibbes wrote:

dj_paige wrote:

Bogibbes wrote:

I've been traveling for the past six months using my girlfriend's MacBook for post-processing duties. Everything is saved onto my external hard drive.

I'm going to ask for a clarification right here.

Does "Everything" mean photos, or photos and catalog file; or something else?

"Everything" refers to only the photos, as I've come to realize that the Catalog file was never saved to my external drive.

Do that. And set preferences to store presets with catalog, then when you make new ones, they too will travel and be backed up to any subsequent 'cloned' drives.

Now that I'm home, I'm back to using my laptop and I can't seem to get my computer to recognize or locate the LR files on the hard drive. How do I go about opening and editing the files on my new laptop without losing my previous edits?

You need the catalog file used on your girlfriend's MacBook. You need to locate that catalog file, and copy it to your laptop. Place it in a newly created empty folder. Then double-click on it to open it. It may not find the photos immediately, so you can follow these instructions to cause Lightroom to find the photos:

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Paige Miller

Between this suggestion and the ones above I think I can get everything to mesh back together on my home computer, I just need to get the Catalog file from my girlfriend.

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