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Re: me & SILVER HIPPY / tilt EVF

tunisiaxxx wrote:

left eye wrote:

As this is my first contribution to this weekly thread, I thought I'd introduce myself...

...and my shooting technique.

I've come across various pro's in my time, by pro's I refer to photographers shooting for work / money. Most seem to combine some pleasure into the mix, the pro's I have an affinity for are certainly on the side of enjoyment - gear in a bag and an uplifting drink on the side, rather than technical hardships - i.e. gear arriving in a van.

On the whole I'm irreverent. My back-up camera in the above shoot was covered in paint (as were my clothes), after a wash-down the lens rings are stiff and one of the microphones is clogged (not that I use the mics much, but sometimes).

So, mostly hand-held at 1/FL sec, odd angles, tricky indoor often harsh fluorescent lighting, EVF tilted up so eye-point high above the camera - easy to glance at the subject, and as you'll detect in the mirror, I am a left eye shooter.

Hi, nice shoot. Do you find it easier to hold the GFX - weight-wise - this way not that it's particularly heavy, as opposed to using it with evf to eye.

...Yes, having the EVF tilted up by about 45 degree means one's head and neck is in a less strained angle. I realise we are looking directly forwards most of the time, though also down at the ground to look where we are walking. Rarely are we looking up (sometimes yes, but the neck is designed or more used to, being vertical or bent slightly down. Ok if you use a fixed EVF that's fine for looking straight ahead or down, but I take a lot of shots when kneeling and looking up, then a fixed EVF / OVF is a real pain/strain - I get into some really low angle, looking up, situations for extended periods, the tilt EVF is a revelation. Even in normal shooting it just helps and opens up a pleasurable freedom.

Ok you can use the tilt LCD, but the tilt EVF is just so fast and flexible in changing angles, even when changing from landscape to portrait format, the EVF just turns in a jiffy, really neat.

Also, are you able to hold it steadier this way compared to eye-level since you seem to hold it firmly at the chest?

Without doubt. Holding your hands up to your face for long periods is not a natural position for your hands ...or arms, they get shaky. With the tilt EVF, the top part of your arms are more locked into your body, and your forearms more naturally straight out, with your eye/head forming a solid triangle.

It's a massive plus for the GFX as far as I'm concerned. However compact the X1D may be, even if had amazing AF and fast operation (which it doesn't), I'd choose the GFX just for the tilt EVF.

PS: Are you by any chance related to Frank Zappa?

...you never know.

Just kidding. Like the self-portrait and the next image as well. Thanks for sharing.

Many thanks, I was getting worried about my shot not being slick enough. The next will be completely different, more abstract.

I discovered the wonders of tilt EVFs many years ago with the Olympus EPL range with optional tilt EVF (that I still favour over Olympus's more 'pro' fixed EVF cameras).

Oh and I broke my thumb the evening before (while filming in a restaurant), hence the 3M thumb splint - which helped no end this next day holding the GFX.

I’m not expecting any thumbs up to this post, but this is a MF shot

When you see me here again, I won't be in the frame.

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