A problem with using zoom while recording video on M43 cameras

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Re: A problem with using zoom while recording video on M43 cameras

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This will happen on any camera with a variable aperture zoom, other settings can affect exposure changes too, such as auto-ISO, or using one of the program modes for video. You want to take full control, shoot in M mode, manually set the ISO, aperture and WB so nothing adjusts automatically. Yes, you can have smooth exposure through zoom in video, just set the aperture to the widest on the longer end before recording.

But it only happens on some lens not all lens I'm told.

The problem I have with this is in panning the camera from a shaded area to a brighter area. I often use zoom and panning together. An example is in a parade where I'm video recording a float passing by me. I zoom out to capture move of the float.

There use to be a problem of the noise from the zoom motor being recorded on the videos sound track but I think they overcame that problem for most cameras.


It seems you are about 2 issues.

1) If you use a variable aperture lens, e.g. a 14-140 f/3.5-5.6, when you are shooting at 14 wide open, you are using f/3.5. When you zoom in to 140 (in one go or gradually down the focal length), you are automatically shift to f/5.6 although it is still wide open. It would be the same for any system you used, not limited to M43.

2) If you are panning from a bright spot to a darker spot, or another way round, f course the exposure condition change no matter what lens you'll use. Under Automatic/semi-automatic shooting modes like iA/iA+/P/A/S, the camera would adjust the setting accordingly for a balance exposure that the camera will think fit. It comes to a consideration that how fast the automatic adjustment would be done. The faster would see the shorter effect. Again, I doubt it would be related to the lens be used (except if under the new exposure condition it requires f/2.8, ISO6400 and 1/30" but the lens in used has a limit to f/3.5, hence the camera will fail to adjust the correct exposure). Under M mode, the camera will not adjust the exposure automatically.

Some member mentioned a short flickering, is because our camera has to adjust the parameters to make up for the exposure change.

So, you might use a constant aperture lens, e.g. the premium/pro zoom constant f/2.8 lenses, and shoot in auto/semi-auto mode which might help.

Regarding the lens noise, you might either use an add-on mic instead of the internal mic. Also you might find the power zooms be useful. Not familiar with the 12-50 and 14-42EZ of Olympus, the pair of 14-42 PZ f/3.5-5.6 and 45-175 PZ f/4-5.6 of Panasonic are smooth and silence on zoom action.

Hi Albert.

1. It depends on the lighting conditions. If the light was poor then the camera would need to use the f3.5 at 14mm but I might only need F8 if I have brighter conditions which may stay at f8 when zooming unless the bright sky appears when zooming back causing the aperture change to F11. But I see your point for low light conditions. I'm guessing that the there is not the F8 limit on the lens like some cameras.

I have found that not many cameras have a mic input socket. I think this is mainly found on professional cameras and those are mostly those that are for video only. Also Earphone sockets are missing on some cameras. Zoom noise is one of those things you normally don't check for when buying a camera but find out afterwards. Some early cameras prevented the zoom from working when recording video to stop the zoom motor noise getting on the audio track. Like you said some zooms are now silent.


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