A problem with using zoom while recording video on M43 cameras

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Re: A problem with using zoom while recording video on M43 cameras

Brisn5757 wrote:

I was told by someone that owns Panasonic M43 cameras that there is problem when using the zoom while recording video. He says that the exposure changes (exposure "bobbles"). This happens on most camera lens.

Is there a way to prevent this problem such as having a fixed aperture when zooming?

I was considering buying a M43 camera but I want to record video as well as take photos.


I use fixed aperture lenses (f/2.8) and don't see an exposure variation when zooming.  But you need to be shooting in manual, because any auto exposure setting can cause exposure variation when you zoom or pan due to the changing scene.

Note that m4/3 lenses are not parfocal, although some (like the 35-100 f/2.8) are close.  That means that focus is not fixed while zooming.  Using AFC will keep you in focus, but can result in noticeable focus variation if you are changing focus subjects (panning without following a subject), which is not good.  In that case, you want to shoot manual focus and pull focus.  But most m4/3 lenses are focus by wire, so focus pulling requires consistent rate.  So, if I'm shooting under those conditions, I prefer the Olympus lenses with the focus clutch (12-40, 40-150, 12, and 17), or adapt lenses that do manual focus and aperture setting.

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