Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

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Re: Upgrading? Now consider this...

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Sorry - just caught this read, so I'm a bit late perhaps.

OK - to preface my remarks, I have the GX1 and I absolute love it. I still have the earlier GF1 and these two cameras are just superb platforms and are in no way obsolete - to use that term. Their IQ capabilities are superb to say the least.

Where subsequent releases have improved (other than keeping a constant 16 MP's) are in the areas of:

1. Gradual, yet consistent shift towards a slightly more warmish color tonality. Let's face it, most earlier Panny cams weren't stellar in the skin tones department.

2. Gradual, yet consistent shift towards cleaner high ISO scenarios - even if it involved improvements of just 1/4 - 1/2 DB in cleaner images as you went upwards in ISO.

3. AF - a gradual (yet slight) increase in AF speeds. But the GX1 was no slouch in that department either. AF tracking will see improvements as you progress towards the latest releases.

In the end however, if you are upgrading to another 16 MP camera, well...you're still at only 16 MP's (and there's nothing wrong with that). For me personally, between all of my M43 and Fuji X gear, I'm all 16 MP'd out to the max.

I would like to suggest this - and that is if there is any way to keep your GX1, I'd do so because it is a unique cam - both in appearance and ergonomics. Should you sell it, you will have to do so for a pittance. And after having parted with it, you eventually begin to miss aspects about having owned that camera. That's why I'm never letting go of mine. I married my GX1 up with the stellar Panny kit 12-60 f3.5-5.6 OIS lens (which punches far above its weight) and what a great combination that has become.

Would I have loved to get the GX85? Hell yes, as there are a number of reasons for doing so. But then again, I'd just be, well...jumping to another 16 MP model. If I were going to upgrade, it would be to a 20 MP model (i.e. GX8, a Pen F, or an E-M Mk II - or now the Panny G9 - and within the next few months more 20 MP releases will come).

You are right about the GX1 Ergonomics.  It feels so good in the hand.  Good idea throwing the small zoom kit lens on it.  I may do that.  If the kid doesn't ask about the camera, maybe it will make it's way back into my bag

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