DxO Photolab as LR replacement?

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Re: DxO Photolab as LR replacement?

xPhoenix wrote:

mikeng1 wrote:

I thought Photolab also had camera calibration profiles. In fact, I find their profiles for Nikons to be far too rich and saturated (the Canon profiles are much less intense and more realistic, but that almost defies the purpose of using a profile)

xPhoenix wrote:

Meh, I'm still waiting for a LR replacement. I've been trialing C1 Pro, but I'm not really feeling it. I also tried DxO, and it works well. I like that they have a lot of profiles to choose from as a starting point, and some of their features like smart lighting worked nicely.

I would prefer to have software with DAM, and I just like the workflow in LR better. DxO just seems a bit cluttered, and it seemed to lag a bit, speed wise.

I'd love to ditch Adobe, but I've yet to find something I like as much (or better). One huge thing for me is that I like Nikon's color rendering. I don't want to shoot jpeg, but I can re-create this look in LR with the camera calibration profiles. Why no other manufacturer has bothered to include this feature is beyond me.

They do have some different ones to choose from. There is a neutral profile, neutral tonality one that's not bad. DxO did seem pretty nice, but no DAM. Maybe in the future?

I don't want a DAM in PhotoLab unless it is purely optional; avoiding a built-in, near-mandatory DAM was one (of several) reasons I chose Optics Pro rather than LR.

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