Apple Removing Connections...???!!!

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Re: Apple is doing the right thing with USB Type C / TB3 plugs !!

joger wrote:

very good summary!!


I was laughing about the initial USB implementation on MACs since I bought my first PowerMac 7500/100 in 1995 without USB and added USB later - many MAC users referred to USB as Ultra Slow Bus and it did not work properly on my PM that time.

Yet it was a very good movement to have one interface that could do in principle everything from mouse to mass storage to printing.

For sure the concept was brilliant and has proven to be a revelation for inexpensive peripherals over the last 20 years. It took a while to become reliable and fast enough though.


I feel good about the progress and slimmer and lighter devices. I am happy that I got no big and cumbersome Ethernet plug in my LapTop - this is in my docking station and works well with just one cable!! On a desktop you still have Ethernet plugs- I see no reasons for getting annoyed at all.

I have often lamented the move to newer equipment over the years, frequently having to rush out to buy replacement equipment, or at least adapters. My biggest was losing FW800, I have a stack of drives connected by that, and simply cannot afford to replace it to get enclosure space for five external hard drives.

As it is there's little to tell apart using TB-FW800 adapters over a direct FW800 port, so I'm battling along with that at the moment.

Couldn't ever get USB-3 to work properly on this iMac, so abandoned it - I have ports on my enclosure for it, but they only keep disconnecting (tried hubs and new cables). The enclosure is too sturdy, and was too costly, to simply chuck out (I'm a hobbyist, so no money made from my photos).

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