Asking Question about 'Fall Time Snow' challenge

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Re: Asking Question about 'Fall Time Snow' challenge

jw432 wrote:

I am a newbie and interested in the upcoming upcoming 'Fall Time Snow' challenge that opens on 12/19. Being a generally decent person I would like to comply with the rules set forth, pasted below. I cannot send the challenge owner a private message with my question (dpreview won't let me send a private message) so I am trying my question here, which may be better anyway, everyone can see it.

What specifically does 'no added effects in post processing' mean? Does that include or exclude cropping or conversion to B&W. Is there a common standard for what is and is not considered 'post processing'? For instance is making ANY adjustment on the computer considered 'post processing' and only a white balance adjust is being given an exception here?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any serious responses.

Processing rules:

  • no added effects in post processing
  • white balancing encouraged.

Were you able to send a PM (as DL Cade mentioned you could now do) and get your question answered? If not, my best guess is that "no added effects in post processing" just means that the host wants the scene you take a picture of to include real, moving snow rather than a post-processing trick designed to add an effect that looks like moving or falling snow. It seems to back up the description, which included, "looking for falling or moving snow in the shot. there has to be actual snow in it."

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