My 2 RX10M4 problems - both firmware related?

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My 2 RX10M4 problems - both firmware related?

From day one I learned the wireless downloads were not going to happen , the software is not compatible with my Mac equipment - unless I missed an update in which case please tell me

I knew this from struggling to get it to work with the Mk 3 but using a card reader is no big deal so I am content to wait in the hope Sony will one day recognise the existence of mac computers.

My main concern is one I have not seen mentioned in my brief visit to this forum , I have not been on the forums for several years , feels funny to see names I recognise from so long ago, like visiting old friends

My concern today is  that I like to use the variable focus spot , probably 90% of the time and when the camera goes to sleep or I turn it off and restart  it almost always resets the focus spot to one of the extremities , the lower right mostly I think I have not bothered to take notes

This never happened with my Mk3 RX10 so I am not sure if it is a fault limited to my particular unit or if other folks are experiencing  it

I have got accustomed to checking but sometimes the time taken to reset is annoying -

"hit function button , select variable spot - step out and move to location of choice "

,it has cost me a few shots.

Is anyone else experiencing this ? I am reluctant to send the camera in for such a minor bug and have been hoping a firmware/software update might be posted to rectify it if it is a common fault

otherwise loving the camera


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Sony RX10 IV
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