DxO Photolab as LR replacement?

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Re: DxO Photolab as LR replacement?

I thought Photolab also had camera calibration profiles. In fact, I find their profiles for Nikons to be far too rich and saturated (the Canon profiles are much less intense and more realistic, but that almost defies the purpose of using a profile)

xPhoenix wrote:

Meh, I'm still waiting for a LR replacement. I've been trialing C1 Pro, but I'm not really feeling it. I also tried DxO, and it works well. I like that they have a lot of profiles to choose from as a starting point, and some of their features like smart lighting worked nicely.

I would prefer to have software with DAM, and I just like the workflow in LR better. DxO just seems a bit cluttered, and it seemed to lag a bit, speed wise.

I'd love to ditch Adobe, but I've yet to find something I like as much (or better). One huge thing for me is that I like Nikon's color rendering. I don't want to shoot jpeg, but I can re-create this look in LR with the camera calibration profiles. Why no other manufacturer has bothered to include this feature is beyond me.

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