Hike with K1 and DFA 50mm f/2.8

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Hike with K1 and DFA 50mm f/2.8


The lighting on this hike was a bit tricky. The sky was overcast and we got no direct sunlight that I can recall, but we got a lot of glare. I left the ISO at 1600, the shutter speed at 1/500 and the aperture at f/11 for the most part. I let the exposure drift a bit figuring I could correct any slight over or under exposure during editing.

My intent was to hike past a pool we encountered the last time we were here (the last hike we did in November -- when we used the K1 and the 28-105mm lens), but when we got adjacent to the pool, I looked down and saw what I thought "might" be a stream (shot 733). In the shot you can see it is white sand, but I could not tell that from where I stood; so instead of going on we checked out the fake stream and then headed back on the "dry" river bottom.

During the outbound leg we started a coyote. He burst from the bushes beneath where we were walking and headed across the river bottom. Both Ben and Jessica just let him (or her) go with out giving chase. I was telling them to let him go, but whether they listened to me or just looked at the rough brush they would also have to crash through and decided on their own not to chase him, I don't know.

We encountered the remains of a dead coyote on the way out (no photos). It had been picked over by small predators of some sort. I larger predator, my own Jessica, looked as though she wanted to help herself to a leg bone but I talked her out of it. On the way back we encountered a coyote that hadn't been dead quite so long. Also, it looked as though the small predators had left it alone. I saw a few shotgun shells further back and thought it could be that someone did some coyote-shooting in the area. Two dead coyotes in a relatively small area seemed more than a coincidence. However, during editing I noticed that one ear was very ragged, showing signs IMO of being snagged on bushes and thorns . I had one Ridgeback, Sage, who used to snag her ears that way; although they never looked as bad as this coyote's did. I thought it possible that this coyote died of some ailment associated with old age.

While foxtails are not usually admired. I always liked to see light glowing through them (shot 768).

On the way back I did a test shot on some trees in front of a hillock (shot 771). I had the autofocus set on "single spot focus." My hope was that both the trees and the hillock behind them would be in focus and they were. In previous tests of this sort with the other primes I didn't get the same result, but I can't necessarily blame the lenses. I had yet to change the autofocus to "spot." Why "single spot" should handle this situation better than the multiple-spot focus, I don't know.


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