Micro Four Thirds user thinking about moving to full frame?

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Micro Four Thirds user thinking about moving to full frame?


I posted a similar thread in the Micro Four Thirds forum, and a day later I could no longer post as the thread was full with two people arguing about something ridiculous. Please can this thread not go that way too

I have used Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras for years, currently on the G85 with 12-35 2.8, 20mm 1.7 and Mitakon 25mm 0.95 lenses. I really like the features, 4k, timelapses in camera, panoramas, touch screen etc. I just like the feel the camera and in good light the video looks good, but it does look a bit 'videoy' if that makes sense!

I am getting more into photography now, and want a camera that can do equal parts video and photo to a high quality. I am often underwhelmed by the photos out the MFT cameras. I find it hard to get the DOF control that seems it would be easy on a FF.  Yes some people take great photos on MFT cameras and I have, but honestly when I played with someones 5D with 50mm lens on auto, it just looked good straight away.

These are my issues with my current setup :

- Photo quality isnt quite there

- Shallow DOF much harder to achieve

- Useless in low light for video and photos

- Would love 120fps 1080 for slomo video

I've been obsessively researching for weeks and have reached a bit of a dead end. Most of the footage and photos I see online that strike me turn out to be Canon FF cameras. Some sony, but mostly Canon. So it seems my main Canon FF options are :

5d mk iv

6D mk ii

1dx mkii

Then there is also the sony A7rii and A7sii. But I havent been as impressed with the look of the photos, and no touch screen, bad autofocus and terrible ergonomics puts me off.

I tried the sony A7rii in a shop and it just felt wrong, everything was hard to get too and in the wrong place. And the main advantage that its smaller seemed redundant when I held the 5d in one hand and sony in the other, both with 24-70mm native lenses. They felt basically the same size, the sony felt a bit heavier even! But the balance was way off on the Sony.

Of course the 1dx mkii seems to have everything I want, but its huge ands expensive. I could probably afford it in a few months though.

Can you Canon guys give any advice on the cameras I've listed? I know Canon are missing so many basic video features, which is a huge shame, but the most important thing is image quality and feel. Or should I give sony more of a chance?

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Panasonic G85
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