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BostonBoy wrote:

From my recent trip to Asia - nice, comfy restaurant, great people, good food - I finally processed it at home. I really liked the light, shot wide open.


Wow! That is an interesting shot. I am gradually seeing how colour can sometimes distract from the essential message of an image, and I think this is a great example.

This is a very busy image. A commonly-heard photographic precept is "simplify", which I think that you have accomplished, in that a theme I see is ... "busy"!

I was skeptical about the wide-open aperture, but i) you did what you had to do to get the shot, and ii) it's fine anyway. At higher magnification, the more distant parts of the photo are OOF, which is less obvious when viewed smaller, and works well regardless.

A question often in my mind with "art" photography is "why". This is not living-room art (is it?). Apart from presenting it in a forum like this to fellow photographers, for which I thank you, do you have an intended use for it?

Is there more to learn about this from you? Why were you there, what about it appealed to you, how did you choose the settings, the framing ... ?

Charles - all good questions. I usually only try to create personal memories, but I like the challenge of composing it, and also the "technical aspects" of proper exposure, ISO, F-Stop etc. - hence I challenge myself also to use lots of different equipment and "think" of the shot upfront. I find myself "slowing down" more and more in recent years. Reducing it to it's essentials (in B/W) is mostly a step afterwards, but I certainly take specific shots with B/W in mind (due to the lighting etc.). I don't think I have produced "art" yet, but who knows, I might get there...eventually.

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