Uh Oh....Wanting to Collect.

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Re: Uh Oh....Wanting to Collect.

KCK14 wrote:

bobmandwendyv wrote:

I have the Ricoh AF that you mention. Other people always find it amusing. I just have fun playing with it.

Gotta wonder why they bothered with the battery powered bit on a decent lens.😀



The Ricoh is using the IR /moving mirror rangefinder type AF that was used in the earliest compact AF cameras, the most successful was the Canon AF35M. This was OK but limited distance wise due to IR beam being triangulated. But with a wider angle lens most every thing beyond 15-20 ft was sort of in focus anyway.

But the trick is to get it to focus on what you wish it to focus on. The fun is to put it on the business end of a a6000😀

I do have a Ricoh XRS-1 bought new in 1978 so the lens has a place to live. It is a nice piece of history.



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