RRS Bottom Plate/E-M1.2 Review, Lots of images and DIY Mod...

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RRS Bottom Plate/E-M1.2 Review, Lots of images and DIY Mod...

Received the new Really Right Stuff, Arca Type, Bottom Plate today and like it a lot.

Lots of photos to follow the text, in case anyone finds them informative. Sorry about the grainy ipad image quality!

Quality is excellent, yet its very light. Nice, heavy, quality black anodizing.

It seems VERY well matched to the bottom, something I was concerned about, as I have LOTS of tripod work planned for this. It seems to engage evenly around the perimeter of the base plate, which should be a very effective and solid interface, for excellent vibration control.

DIY: I added a new strap lug on the rear left corner...then realized there was a better choice of strap positions: Bottom right, and top left. Still, I had fun doing it, and now the plate is just a bit lighter!

When the straps are in this position, the camera hangs from the strap in EXACTLY the manner I prefer. Low profile, with the lens down, not poking out. This is actually a really big deal for me, now the camera feels right when worn, and I feel its well under control and well protected while I am active. (see photo) Also, with the strap relocated to the bottom, its now far away from the upper right button cluster and much less of a nuisance!

I will probably get rid of the nylon loops pictured and go back to the conventional strap to lug attachment, the loops were on for use at the new DIY lug.

The plate, as others have mentioned adds a bit of finger room which really feels great. The E-M1.2 grip really was a bit small (short) for me, but no longer! Noticeable improvement.

I really recommend this plate and feel the $80 price is fair due to the excellent quality and design.

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