Stick with the 100-400 or rent out the 200mm 2.8

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Re: Stick with the 100-400 or rent out the 200mm 2.8

Messier Object wrote:

I think you should stick with the 100-400 and rent a 12-100.

I have the 35-100mm 2.8 and it's a stop faster than the 12-100mm F4. It's a better lens for low light shooting especially my GH4 doesn't have in built stabilisation.

If you don't have a 2nd body I think you should buy or rent one.

Yeah I have two weather sealed camera bodies and the GX80.

My wife and I spent 8 days in the Sabi River game reserves in July this year, and I can advise:

I wish I could go to Sabi Sands but I would have to pay double the amount for what I'm paying for my Kruger Park holiday and it only extend the holiday by a day or two.

> you need to have focal length ranges for birds at long range and elephants up close.

That very true regarding the birds. I just went through some of my Kenya shots and some of my favourite shots were the small birds.

> subjects can present themselves suddenly and briefly and you will not always have time to change lenses. Having 2 cameras ready to shoot is better than changing lenses.

> zooming with your feet is hardly ever possible.

> holster bags are ideal for in-vehicle shooting. Hang them from the bar in front of you and keep the lens hoods in place and lens caps off so the camera is ready to shoot

Previously I keep the hoods on, the lens caps off and the bag's flap over them but not done up.

> if you shoot video don't forget to set the wind noise filter

Dont forget your malaria drugs, sun block and hat, and be prepared for amazing experiences every day !


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