I Apolgize for My 3-Year Abuse of a Great Lens -- the Brick!

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I Apolgize for My 3-Year Abuse of a Great Lens -- the Brick!

I switched from Canon the week the XT-1 came out a few years ago.  When the 16-55 was released I got my hands on one and shot with it.  I knew it was a great lens but my immediate impression was that it reminded me of my Canon L lenses.  It seemed counter to me in terms of what (at the time) I thought Fuji was all about.  Plus, my immediate reaction was that this big zoom badly needed OIS.  So I started posting about it and called it the "brick."

This was way before the 50-140, 100-400, and now they new 80 came out.  So at the time the brick was big for the Fuji mantra.

The name caught on, and I over a period of three years I posted about the brick hundreds of times -- slamming it for its size and lack of OIS.  Most of it was in fun, especially the past 18 months, and people knew that.  I always knew that lens had great IQ and was a fantastic piece of glass.

But I remained firm in my conviction that the brick needed OIS (it does indeed).

I finally got the Brick two weeks ago and have been shooting with it for a week on a trip to California.

Man I love that lens!  I can actually steady it better than my much smaller primes.  It balances so well on the XT-2.

It is such an absolutely superb lens.  I carried it on a 7 mile hike yesterday where we climbed 2000 feet and I had it around my neck the entire time.  I had the 23/35/50 F2 in my pack and never went there....  And get this -- I also had the Mighty 16 in my pack and never used it.  The brick was great at 16 and I don't need the F1.4 on a hike.

So my only fear is that the Brick will now replace my 23/35/50 F2s, the Mighty 16 and the 56 on my travel-walking and hikes.  I can't seem to get that thing off my camera....

I am traveling a lot in the next 5 months -- trips to Chile, Spain and Italy.  I think my new walk-around kit will be the brick on-camera with the 50-140 in the bag.  That gives me 16 to 140 in two fabulous (but big) lenses.

I am going to post a lot of images later today taken with the Brick....

I will now not make fun of the Brick.  I will capitalize the term "Brick."  Before it was always "brick."

I will add the Brick as the number 4 lens on my Top-10 Fuji lens list.

Still ... the Brick needs OIS.  But I can live with it.  What a great lens.


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