Major Wedding equipment swap this year...

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Re: Major Wedding equipment swap this year...

Grig wrote:

BryceM wrote:

You do some amazing work. Can I ask what changed between your first wedding ( and now? Was it just a matter of needing more time to retrain your Nikon muscle memory?

I guess you are dead on... After the first wedding I was so mad that it is not behaving like my Nikon in many ways... It was so bad that I decided to return everything back to B&H and got on their "no return" list even after I repurchased everything back, but there was no way repurchasing that exact equipment that I returned (I asked)... It was very emotional decision... And I think they are still thinking that I am a bad guy... But I am still buying from them and still think that B&H guys are the best... It was all my fault anyway.

Turning point was editing... I fell in love with Fuji colors and editing was about 50% less in terms of exposure (thank you EVF!) and color correction.

Also - after tuning AFC to what I need - it is very fast! It took 7 weddings to sell all my Nikon gear and completely switch to Fuji.

Got use to ergonomics but still think that plastic grip piece should be done in the way of the Fuji Half grip... I hope Fuji is reading this forum...

DOF is surely different and bokeh on 50-140 is not as good as 70-200, thus I got 90mm

Just another way of saying that there is no perfect system on the market. You just need to prioritize and get what fits you the most... So far it is Fuji for me... for now...

Thanks for the honesty. Thing is, you are right about the Fuji 50-140 and its bokeh. It almost kept me from buying into the Fuji system. My favorite zoom lens from the Nikon and Canon camps is their 70-200 with their 24-70 a close second. Talking zooms of course.

As a long time user of the x100, what won me over was Fuji colors and ambient flash. Fuji engineers are brilliant.

Also, the 56mm had the bokeh. Just needed to shoot prime. The 90mm as you stated is also superb!

The Fuji primes are as good as anything on the market.

Get out and shoot!

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