Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

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Re: Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

rooster411 wrote:

Thanks. Lol. I just picked up a D810 with only 5100 shutter count and an mb-d12 battery grip for $1399 at my local camera shop.

Perfect timing!!!

Sounds like a good deal, better than I've found.  (We don't have any decent local camera stores, just places like Best Buy.)

My understanding is that D810 is not a full substitute for D500 or D750.  Each one has its strengths and weaknesses.  I was interested in the D810 also for several reasons, but the main reason for me to go with full frame is high ISO performance and the D810 is not the best for that, the D750 is better.  However D750 is very difficult to buy right now.  New ones even at discount are still expensive, used one are usually beat up or have recall issues.  I've found people trying to sell them for nearly new prices and they have 200k shutter actuations.  With 200k shutter actuations they should be selling for 1/3 or 1/4 of new price.  I would hate to see what these people try to sell their cars for with 200k miles on them.

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