DP2 B&W + Filtration test.

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DP2 B&W + Filtration test.

This was just a personal little test I've been wanting to do for a while. I shot this scene in color during our first snowstorm last week and returned today since we got fresh snow last night and mostly clear skies during the day.

All photos shot in aperture priority (-0.3) since the light was changing quickly and I haven't had much confidence in my ability to read the Merrill's histogram with a color or polarizing filter on.

Blue channel moved to 100% in the color mixer

SPP Exposure slider moved to -0.3

Shadow +0.3

Saved as tiff, converted to jpeg in Lightroom.

The time seems to drift significantly on my camera, but the capture times are:



10:34:50 (to show times didn't vary much, the light stayed fairly consistent, I believe)

Photos for personal testing available here. Originals upon request. Please don't remove the photos, just copy/paste. Thank you.


1. Orange 21 filter, 59.2MB X3F

2. No filter, Monochrome in SPP, 60.6MB X3F

3. Linear Polarizer, 58.4MB X3F

So, with all of that said... I like 1 & 2, in that order, and hate #3. The "haze" (I don't know what else to call it) ruins it for me. I suppose it's mostly because the clarity in the first two overpowers the third by comparison.

I enjoy the greater contrast in #1 from the Orange 21 filter, so I plan to shoot a lot of winter blue skies with that attached. I did this mostly to see how the Foveon sensor responds to having an Orange 21 and a Polarizer versus not having any filtration when going for a B&W end result.

As always, opinions, comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for reading.

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