Non Standard USB Camera Jack.

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Non Standard USB Camera Jack.

I am using a camera I purchased off ebay for astro photography.

I have an 8" nutonian reflector on a motorized equitorial mount.

I have purchased a cat6 usb 2.0 extention system to connect the cameras Digital output to home PC some 100ft away.

In testing the camera system with a PC and Eos Utility I have encountered a mechanicallyy intermittent connection.

Connection to PC and Eos Utility drops because connection is lost at the cameras USB jack.

On Inspection the thickness of the center contact is less than standard.

Also the outer jack shell is larger.

This creates loosness allowing the USB cable pins to loose physical connection with the contacts in the cameras jack.

A slight touch is all that is necessary for the connection to drop.

I have read many posts about USB connection issues that I feel are due to this improper jack.

Does canon or anyone else sell a cable that will accuratly fit this jack?

Does the original cannon cable have a bump on the botton to fit the buldge obove the I in digital below?



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