G80 close-up focus bracket stacks - Inside a paperweight

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G80 close-up focus bracket stacks - Inside a paperweight

This was an experiment I have been meaning to do for a while. The subject is a glass paperweight that is one of my wife's favourite possessions. I have tried to photograph it before, using single shots, but was not really happy with the results. To my delight, my wife was rather pleased this time round.

I used an Olympus 60mm macro on a tripod-mounted G80 to capture sets of focus bracket images, the closest set being almost 1:1. I set the camera to capture 200 images for each bracket set at f/2.8, with an increment of +3, with the focus running from close to far. I used manual focus and set the focus to a bit nearer than anything I wanted to focus on. I let the capture run until it had obviously passed the furthest thing I wanted in focus, or for the full 200 shots. I shot JPEG as the G80 buffer only holds 45 or so raw files and exceeding that would have slowed the capture process down too much for my taste.

I loaded each bracket set into Helicon Focus and removed the images that were in front of and beyond what I was interested in. I used the stacking method and number of images shown below for each scene. I exported the stacked images as JPEG and did various global and local adjustments to them in Lightroom.

168 images, Depth Map method

54 images, Pyramid method

42 images, Depth Map method

87 images, Depth Map method

99 images, Pyramid method

90 images, Pyramid method

Panasonic G85
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