New firmware for the big 1 in sight

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Re: New firmware for the big 1 in sight

joergensmi wrote:

I would be especially interested if the camera lockup bug has been addressed. Should you attempt to delete a photo when the buffer is not empty, the camera locks up for 10-20 seconds. Should Ricoh address this bug, I would be more than willing to return to the K-1...

I don't think it's a bug. Pentax blocks writing actions on the sd-cards while saving data to them.

Pentax mentionned me the hardware of the K-1 is unable to write and delete at the same time. I guess that's the drawback of the aggressive price strategy of RIcoh with the K-1 compared to the D810. From this point of view, the behavior is a indeed feature, the firmware has to make sure that both operations are not made at the same time.

Ricoh's engineer avoided the problem by locking the camera should the user delete a photo while there is still data in the buffer. It is one way to get around the hardware limitation.

Another way would have been to disable the delete button for the time data is in the buffer. The user would not be able to delete photos while the camera is still busy, but the camera would not get locked and remain ready should the shutter be pressed.

BTW, Ricoh Imaging confirmed me the bug...

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