Your top 5 B&W photos of the year 2017

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Your top 5 B&W photos of the year 2017

Please provide below your top 5 B&W photos for 2017. Here is my selection given chronologically:

1 - Power to the People (D.C. Women's March) | 2017

Additional notes: this was probably the most powerful event of the year, and luckily I was there to attend this massive demonstration. When I watched on TV Sean Spicer delivering his first press talk, I was baffled by the fake claims he provided about "the most attented president inauguration ever, period!"(that happened the day before the Womens' March, and I was there too). The Women's March was incredible, so many people, it was not even close to the president inauguration. This is to me the most important photograph of the year as it shows how massive people gathered together. That was the first response to the current administration.

2 - Menace (Light City Baltimore ) | 2017

Additional notes: Taken during the Baltimore City Light, it shows a probable discussion between 2 Men, whether it was amicable or not, I do not know. I like the hand gesture pointing at the guy on the left. It makes the whole scene interesting.

3 - The Dance of the Djembes | 2017

Additional notes: beautiful day on a Sunday afternoon in the Meridian Hill park (Washington D.C.). Among an impressive set of Djembe player, people were dancing along with the constant drum rhythms. This was probably the best of the series, as a ray of light was aligned well along with the players and dancers. The arms positions also makes the image dynamic.

4 - Morning from Above | 2017

Additional notes: I was over Manhattan and NYC returning back from the Thanksgiving break. The light was quite gorgeous this morning.

5 - First Snow: A Dad and His Child | 2017

Additional notes:  I think it is a rather simple framing (the characters are centered to the frame, which I tend to like).  This was taken last Saturday as the first snow flakes hit Washington D.C.   Taken right in front of the Capitol, most people were around the Christmas tree, but I saw the dad and the child playing together slightly away from the crowd.  The interesting part is that the light source is a massive light generator, which is perfect for "contre jour" situations.  As I seek for lights and shadows, I could not hesitate trying a good shot of them.  Among the series, this was the best as it shows the kids putting a little bit of snow on the not yet built snowman!

Now everybody, it is time to share yours!



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