Fuji X-E3: different exposures whether using Focus-Check or not

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Fuji X-E3: different exposures whether using Focus-Check or not

Hi there,

I realized that the exposure measuring is different when I use the focus check (rear command dial) to zoom in and then pressing and releasing the shutter in opposition to not use the focus check and taking a picture.

The effect is easily to figure out:

  1. Place a white paper on a dark underground.
  2. Zoom in with the focus check (pressing rear command dial) and let the white paper just fill out the view finder.
  3. Take the shot.
  4. do not reposition the camera
  5. Take a second shot without focus check, so that the surrounding dark background is in the frame to.
  6. The exposures will be noticeable different.


  1. Is this by intention?
  2. Is this only with the X-E3?
  3. Do I always have to AE-lock the original exposure before zooming in with focus check? --> would be very inconvenient and counterintuitive...

normal exposure without focus check

exposed when using focus check

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