Lens caps for the 18-55mm and 14mm......

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Re: Lens caps for the 18-55mm and 14mm......


Fuji haven't quite got their cap designs right. Center pinch designs mostly suck and more so if you have big hands. I happened to have some particular 58mm Pentax ones left over from yesteryear, used them and then bought others of the same vintage in other sizes. Pentax had many models over the years but this variant here is the one I'm referring to....


They're good and appear on e-Bay quite regularly. I'm using the same ones in 67mm on my 16mm and 23mm lenses with a 62-67 step up ring on the 23mm to allow use of the same 67mm filters on both. The spring tension is firm on the two moving bits so they stay on well. And they sit in-line with the rim (ie are not prominent) when on the lens so they don't get knocked easily or pinched in your case and come off. The whole cap is dead flat and totally stable if you stand the lens on the front end.

Nikon AIS lens caps are reliable and dead flat too, but the spring tension outwards on the moving bits isn't as high as the Pentax ones so they 're not quite as well locked on.

Hope that helps, Rod

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