Good Full Frame Camera, fantastic Iso, good price

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Good Full Frame Camera, fantastic Iso, good price

I've had my Canon 6 D for about 2 years, its been a reliable workhorse, I mainly use it with my 70-200 f2.8 L lens for wildlife when the subject is quite close. Because of the excellent Iso it is ideal in early mornings or at sunset to dusk.   Very easy to use straight forward camera.

Like someone else said it focuses perfect every time, I agree.  I would have love to have the 5 D  but the Iso on this one at the time was better than the 5d mk3. Iso was very important at that time when choosing for me.

Id like to buy the new 5d mk4 but cant justify it at this time as the photos will not really show much difference, the other factor is I have a 7d mk ii, cropped sensor which has become my go to camera when choosing most of the time as my main fun is wildlife.

The 6D is very good for macro with my 100 mm prime. I have a 24-105 which I don't seem to use much anymore but will keep it as its a great general lens with constant F at F 4 . if your not doing much wildlife or sports the 6d in combo with the 24 -105 F3 L is stellar affordable combo ideal for landscape, weddings, sports where your fairly close the action.

I got my 6d used for a great price ($1800 CAD)  with the 24-105 , a flash and nice bag for less than what the camera listed at, would I buy again, yes, but now 2 years later likely not but only because I want the faster 5d mk4 with tons more features at double the cost. I would spend more now knowing the difference but in my case I will likely keep the 6d even if I buy the 5d mk4.   I like camera gear and for what I paid I could not replace it for what I got it for.

It is also very durable and well built, its taken a few bumps and bruised with 0 damage, ie falling off the seat of the car, banging into my other camera when I am using both.  At 2 years and likely 20,000+ actuation's the sensor is still clean which means it is very well sealed.

It would be nice if they added more focus points to the 6d and a joy stick & a flash, yes that is asking too much for the price. Otherwise likely the best inexpensive full frame on the market.

If your looking to own just one camera I would pick the 7d mk2, if you must need the full frame the 6d is a great choice for the price.   No real negatives I can think of.

Again if canon were to make a lighter full frame version frame from plastic or carbon I think people would go for that in a heartbeat with the reduced weight.

Canon EOS 6D
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