Great Camera, Tuff, easy to use, great low light, fast, Excellent overall

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KelownaGuy New Member • Posts: 4
Great Camera, Tuff, easy to use, great low light, fast, Excellent overall

Ive had my 7d mk2 for about 2 years, I cant say enough good things about this camera,  I had a T4i before and loves it for a camera under 1000 buks canadian,  however it was led me to buy the cream of the crop for cropped sensor cameras. the 7d mk2.

I mainly shoot wildlife and landscape but have done weddings, musical events etc.  This is the best all around camera so far.  I also have a full frame 6 D.  I dont find the 6D has any higher qualities in terms of the quality of the image, one would think the full frame might be better but in my case I cant find any difference.

Some of the best features of the 7d mk2 are its 10 frames per second capability, it also has a silent shutter setting where its still fast but very quiet which is nice if your quite close to animals.  The ISO is amazing, even at 5000 photos are quite usable.

It does take a week or 2 to get use to all it can do but that goes with almost any camera.  Its very tuff as well, minor drops as in falling off seat in car or banging into the other camera have shown 0 wear and tear,

The focus capabilities are mind blowing good !  I use them all depending on what animal/s I am shooting, that is a luxury I could not go without now that I have it.

Especially nice to have the flash built in, I use that as well as a speedlight depending on my needs at the time, its great for doing videos as well.  Being able to have 2 cards in the camera is a nice touch.  The standard battery gives me a full day of shooting which is usually about 400-800 photos depending on how much the screen is on.

The joy stick took some getting use to but now I dont even have to stop to change some of the settings I can just use the joy stick & wheel while still looking through the view finder.

It would be nice to have a touch screen but maybe that will come one day, had that on the old t4i but that caused some problems with setting changes when my nose hit the screen, had to turn that part off which takes a few moments and a bit bothersome.  I would guess the next version will have a touch screen.

The combo of the 7d mk2 with my 100-400 L lens is excellent for wildlife & sports, I also have a 18-200 which I use for music events, some weddings and a bit of landscape. I rarely use my 70-200 2.8 L lens with this camera as the 100 to 400 works fine.

I have a 10-22 wide angle lens that I use for interiors of homes, condos and real estate, that is where this camera really shines as the ISO can shoot in the lowest of light and still produce a usable photo.  Most of the time I do use my speedlight flash inside with it so the photos are just fantastic.

Every one I have met  who owns this camera has said they love it and its the go to camera.   I am sure I have missed something but I cant really think of anything negative to say about this camera other than its weight which is fully understandable considering its a pro camera.  Maybe one day they can make the frame from carbon instead of magnesium/ aluminum.

I am still learning more about this gem, hats off to Canon for such a practical camera for both pros and amateurs. Hope others enjoy this as much as I have.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II
20 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Sep 15, 2014
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