Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

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Re: Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

Roy Bell wrote:

kolyy wrote:

Roy Bell wrote:

I ordered the 35-100 mm lens and can't wait to give that a try in the gym. My 25MM is the 1.7 version. This weekend is another competition. So hopefully my lens comes in and I can try it a bit beforehand. My GX85 came in about 10 minutes before I headed out the door last weekend so I didn't get any seat time with it.

Great, I am really curious how you will do, please do report back! Of course, experience and practice is really important.

I'm still not 100% sold on the body of the GX85 though. Coming from the GX1, I really thought it would had kept the smaller form. Yes, I compared sizes and specs, but that doesn't really seem that different until it's in your hand. I probably would had gone with the G85 had I held both of them prior. It just seems easier to hold and isn't that much bigger. Then picked up the smaller 850 for when we are out camping.

I understand, that is why I also have the GM5, which is my small ILC solution.

I am blown away by how many lenses there are now out as well. Last time I looked, there were maybe 6-8 panny lenses. I could see me eventually getting the 12-35mm for a nice indoor companion and the 12-60 looks really idea for when we are out camping or just not wanting to change lenses. Gonna have to check out the Oly options too now.

I have the 12-35 and it is really a very capable combination with the GX80. A bit short though, so I am eyeballing the Leica 12-60mm/2.8-4 as well. I can also recommend the 14-140mm (the new one), it is a very nice one lens solution.

Here's some of my more favorite shots using the 45-150 with the GX1. These are not touched. I have printed some out at poster size (which mom says is too big lol) with a little touch up and they look pretty good considering the equipment and my skills (or lack of).

Her friend.

The 20mm doing it's thing. Can't wait to see how the 25mm works in places I was using the 20.

Thanks, these pictures look nice to me (at least at the small size you have provided). I am pretty sure you will have no problem to get images like this regularly with the GX85, with a little practice.

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