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Gear Strategies

OK, so, my current configuration is quite nice, so yes, the first strategy is probably to keep shooting with it, admonish myself for having GAS, and do something else with the $1K burning a hole in my pocket. That said I am putting out a couple of candidate strategies for upgrades that I am hoping others might have experience with on one or both sides of it. There are a few ideas, so not expecting anyone to necessarily have feedback on all of them.

(The image above is of a Graphite X-Pro 2; Samyang 12mm F/2; 23mm F/2 WR; 35mm F/2 WR; 50mm F/2 WR; XC 50-230mm F/4.5-6.7; and Voigtlander Nokton 40mm F/1.4

Get the 16mm F/1.4 to replace the Samyang — yes I have heard this is possibly the best prime Fuji makes. I like to shoot hyperfocal with ultra-wide lenses, and my experience with the clutch on the 14mm (that I no longer have) was that it was very hard to dial-up the hyperfocal distance for a given aperture and quite easy for it to slip out of position. Oh, and 12mm has an even crazier hyperfocal capability per the charts, although I could probably still live with 16mm (as an upper limit). Still people rave about this lens, but I hesitate.

Tempted to stay where I am with the "Fujicrons" (23, 35, 50 WR) — Don't fix it if it ain't broke? I've previously owned the 23mm F/1.4 and I have owned the 56mm F/1.2, but I am one of the people that thinks the tradeoff favors the compact F2 WR primes. But if someone wants to swear to me that I won't regret going to one of the faster/older lenses, I'd be open to the suggestion. I have some nostalgia for the 56mm F/1.2 which felt like owning the Noctilux when I first had it, although careful memory recalls lots of hunting and missed shots in low light that I notice a lot less with my 50 F/2, even though the last time I checked, F/1.2 should translate into better AF in low light.

Upgrade my zoom — The XC lens is a gem of a lens, in daylight of course. The 55-200 I am not hearing enough of an advantage to bother upgrading, but that is an experience I'd love to hear about.

18-135 gets some nice press from #angryphotographer as one of his deserted island lenses. And i have never had "superzoom". I just wonder, would I really mount that on and forget my fujicrons? And having gotten used to the 230mm "sniper" side of the XC zoom, it seems I would still have to keep it (superzooms on the other platforms have me thinking of having a Nikon/Canon kit just to enjoy those)

The fixed F/2.8 zooms are pricier than I was planning as I am not shooting for $ (yet). Of the two, the 50-140 would be more useful initially (since my fujicrons basically cover the 16-50 range. (Yes I get it why a wedding photographer appreciates having it all in a single zoom and would pay the premium for that).

Anyway, that's it. Any comments and advice would be appreciated. I get that some of you may just have to tell me to calm down and enjoy what I have. That advice is not without its merits either.

I have the Voigtlander as a meditation in slowing down, and practicing with focus peaking. It's an absolutely precious lens for that, and lets me fully entertain wanna-be Leica shooter fantasies.

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