Close to buying Sigma 24-105mm f4 DG OS HSM Lens - Any reservations here?

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Re: Close to buying Sigma 24-105mm f4 DG OS HSM Lens - Any reservations here?

maarensv wrote:

jackie semple wrote:

I'm likely to buy this lens in the next day or two. I've read all the reviews and know its weight, size and focusing capability. Performance seems top class. I'd be using it with the MC-11 mount converter on the a7M2 body. Are there any concerns you might like to flag up for my benefit?

Have both the Canon 24-105 L and new Sony and have had the Sigma.

Canon and Sigma are about equal. I have shot them side by side and neither of them was better overall. Both not bad nor perfect. Just differences between short and long end and wide open or stopped down.

The Sony is different, being sharper throughout the range wide open with some improvement stopped down. Very little CA compared to both Canon and Sigma versions. The Sony balances better than the adapted Canon or Sigma and the AF stop button is a nice extra feature.

I can highly recommend the Sony (though I have been critical about vignette and distortion earlier) over the adapted Sigma. I would only get the Sigma when shooting both DSLR and Sony ML, otherwise, take a serious look at the new 24-105 OSS.

See the link in this post :

This is very helpful. The new Sony lens is not yet available, or at least not available here in the UK. But on balance and on reading other contributions to this thread, I think it would be the right choice though I must admit the price being suggested is prohibitive. So I shall have to wait a while before I can make a purchase.

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