Can Sony learn from Google?

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Can Sony learn from Google?

If smartphones can do it, why not proper cameras?

There was an interview recently on Imaging-Resource with senior Sony execs and they gave the impression that they did not know which direction to take APS-C in and wanted feedback from customers.

My thoughts:

  • They already have MultiFrameNoiseReduction. Evolve and improve that. Why can't you combine MFNR with HDR/DRO? Why can't you have MFNR RAW files? Surely it is merely a matter of processing power and algorithms; they have the tech, give us better functionality.
  • Why doesn't Sony use Predictive-capture in ILCs or RX series for that matter? They have this tech in their smartphones, but not in proper cameras. Why?
  • Combining predictive capture with MFNR and HDR is essentially what the Pixel 2 does. Imagine that on the large APS-C and FF sensors. Think of the DR and noise improvements that can be achieved. Obviously you cannot use it for every scenario, but there are so many applications for this that it beggars belief they are not pursuing these avenues. Do they lack the processing power? If a smartphone processor can do it, why can't Sony's cameras? It apparently takes camera manufacturers 8 years to reduce 1 stop of ISO noise. Pixel 2 apparently has a 3EV noise improvement by combining Predictive capture, MFNR and HDR. Wow! 
  • Anti-Motion Blur Scene mode. Another brilliant innovation apparently forgotten about. You can only have JPEG. You cannot control any aspect of exposure. You can't even change White balance ffs. Why? Improve and develop this idea. Imagine the camera shooting 60fps with electronic shutter at very high ISO and SS, then processing it down to a sharp noise free image, all instantaneously. The technology is there, they just have to develop it.
  • The apps in the PlayMemories app store have so much potential. They are phasing out the whole app idea, fair enough. It is a flawed system. But they can integrate those functionalities into the camera's main menu itself. Like they did for Smart Remote on the A9, A7RIII and RX10M4. That way, you offer functionalities your competitors do not, and a lot of development has already been done. Just improve and integrate.
  • Can't they come up with a solution to prevent dust getting onto the sensor when changing lenses? No one can think of a way?

I truly believe these computational methods can more rapidly improve image quality than BSI or dual gain or whatever. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas, and what direction you'd like things to go.

Sony has time and again listened to feedback and often implemented what customers asked for. I hope we can influence them to take this way forward.

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